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Our Psychic Skittles chewing employee is perfectly in tune with his colleagues actions.

Skittles Physic.mp3

Our character finds himself lucky enough to have acquired a Genie,  but doesn’t quite seem to grasp the concept of using his wishes wisely.

Skittles Genie.mp3
Skittles Disappear.mp3


2016 D&AD Awards:  Wooden Pencil - Physic Radio Script writing

2016 Clio Awards Finalist: Physic Radio

2016 The One Show Festival Finalist - Skittles Radio Campaign

2016 London International Awards: 2x Bronze - Physic and Genie Radio Script 

2016 Cannes Lion Festival: 2x Bronze - Physic and Genie Radio Script

2016 European Cristal Awards Bronze - Skittles Radio Campaign

2016 Creative Circle Awards 1st Place - Skittles Radio Campaign

Awards boards for portfolio-03.png
Awards boards for portfolio-03.png
Awards boards for portfolio-13.png
Awards boards for portfolio-16.png
Awards boards for portfolio-17.png
Awards boards for portfolio-12.png
African Cristal Awards-09.png


Chief Creative Officer: Liam Wielopolski

Head Copywriter: Lawrence Katz

Assisting writers: Nicola Wielopolski & Melissa Grundlingh

Agency Producer: Tsitsi Dhlamini

Account Director: Louis Enslin from Produce Sounds

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