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We designed a calendar for South African National Blood Services as a incentive to Corporate businesses and employees. We wanted to give them more than just a calendar like every other company does in the beginning of the year so we designed a calendar with stickers you could peel off everyday as the days gone buy.
Each sticker had a good deed  printed on it, so you can stick it on your clothes as a reminder, until you completed the good deed. Behind all the stickers was a line illustration that will be revealed as the stickers are peeled off. Each month would have a reminder to donate blood.  If you do or say something good to a stranger, they will reciprocate or reflect good deeds back creating a ripple effect. 
The team, signing off the calendars at the printer.
Left: Chris Charoux CD,
Middle: Marees Louw Client Service, Right: Me
This is me, wearing my SANBS sticker, supporting the good cause. Starting the ripple. 
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