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Senior Art Director | Designer

My career has always been guided by a desire to learn and explore new, exciting things. This has taken me on a journey from Corporate Communication Studies to traditional print, via internal communications and Corporate Identities, to social media and finally above-the-line advertising. Within all these different fields, I’ve been happiest working on projects with the potential to bring about positive change in the world and empowering women.


I have always loved, and been good at, design. Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to practice and hone this skill through a diverse range of projects. I now easily switch direction to suit different brands and can develop campaigns for a variety of clients. I have managed teams; worked under insane deadlines; managed social media communities and my fair share of crisis for multi-national brands. I have experience in both Design and Art Director roles, and I find the most pleasure in combining these two parts to craft my own ideas.


My hobbies are, for the most part, those of extremist. I love scuba diving and the thrill of skydiving. There’s almost always music playing in my ears. Books and podcasts feed my hunger for learning. I paint, gym and love going for runs with my dog. I try to be unflinchingly honest, always kind and engaged in my daily life. I recently started my own online business. It’s nothing big, but I love the learning experience.  

About me


Some of my most loved work.

Aug 2014-June 2017

DDB South Africa

 Mid - Senior Designer | Art Director

June 2013-Sept 2013

House of Brave

 Mid - Graphic Design

Jul 2017-Present

TBWA Hunt Lascaris

Senior Art Director | Designer

October 2013-Jul 2014

JWT South Africa


Jan 2012-May 2013

The Actuate Group

Junior - Designer

Contact me

I would love to hear from you.

Cell: +27 72 794 1754

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